Min Makes a Machine

“This early reader has a resourceful elephant girl at its center. The story follows the same characters introduced in McCully’s 3, 2, 1, Go! in which the protagonist builds a catapult… the controlled text and lively watercolor illustrations will engage young readers learning to independently decode text and just might inspire some to build their own machines, too. STEAM-y early-reader fun.”


“Dedicated ‘To all problem-solving girls,’ this Level E guided reading title featuring three elephant friends begins with a problem. After a game of tennis, Bess and Ann are too hot to play. Min uses a leafy branch to fan them, but what they really want to do is go for a swim. The watering hole is empty, so Min finds a well, the water there is deep down at the bottom. The resourceful pachyderm spirals and glues a hose around a long tube and places the tube in the well. ‘This is the hard part,’ she explains and proceeds to turn and turn and turn the tube until the water begins to spray and fill the pool. Ingenuity, determination, and a refreshing dip save the day.”

-School Library Journal