Our Little Mushroom: A Story of Franz Schubert and His Friends

Caldecott Medal winner Emily Arnold McCully delivers a charming picture book following the life of prolific composer and musician Franz Schubert through the eyes of the friends who helped him find success.

Franz Schubert was only eleven when he auditioned for the Emperor’s Choir School in Vienna, a place where everyone loved music. Franz barely spoke a word, but he sang like an angel, and his friends took to calling him “Little Mushroom” because he was small. As Franz continued to study and practice his music, his friends were amazed by his talent. The last thing Franz’s father wanted was for his son to be a musician-surely he would starve!-but Franz’s friends refused to let him quit. They vowed to help Franz devote himself to his music, and to make sure the world heard their talented friend.

Franz Schubert would go on to write a thousand pieces of music. Discover the true story of a prolific composer and musician in this beautiful tale about the strength of friendship and the rewards of hard work in finding success.

“Narrated from the friends’ viewpoint, this unusual story is smoothly written and engaging; McCully’s lively pen-and-ink drawings with beautiful watercolor washes bring it to life. A handsome picture-book biography.”


Author’s Guild Member Spotlight